How Much do Green Smoothies Cost?

You don't need toilet paper like this to be able to afford green smoothies.
You don’t need toilet paper like this to be able to afford green smoothies.

The barriers to incorporating green smoothies into your routine are pretty daunting. Let’s say you’ve managed to get over the fact that you’ll be drinking something that looks like it came out of someone’s nose. You’ve managed to cope with the fact that you might be drinking salads from now on, instead of eating them.

You’ve even researched all of the benefits of green smoothies, so you can tell your friends why you are taking something into your body that looks like it should be coming out.

All that’s left now is to sack up and make yourself some smoothies. But there’s one problem; Can you afford it?

Green Smoothies are Affordable

If you have money to spend on beer, wine, coke, bottled water, etc. then you should be able to afford green smoothies. They are a bit more expensive than coca cola or bottled water, but with some careful budgeting, the added expense should be marginal.

For this green smoothie cost analysis, I’m going to analyze how much 5 cups (about 3 servings) of my favorite smoothie, kale with a banana and some frozen strawberries and mangoes costs.

All of the ingredients for a great green smoothie. Just add water (and almond milk)!
All of the ingredients for a great green smoothie. Just add water (and almond milk)!

Ingredients for 48 oz. of Green Smoothie

  • Kale – $1.79 / bunch (1/3 required = $.60)
  • Banana – $.20 (1 required)
  • Frozen Strawberries – $2.50 / 12oz. (4 oz. required = $.83)
  • Frozen Mangoes – $1.79 / 12 oz. (3 oz. required = $.45)
  • Vanilla + Cinnamon – Not required, but ~ $.10 if desired
  • 1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk – $.30

At the rates above, the total cost of one blender-full (48 oz.) of green smoothie comes to $2.38. If you choose to drink a solid 16 oz. of green smoothie per serving, then you are only paying around $.80 for it.

Also keep in mind, the rates I’ve quoted above are from my local Meijer grocery store. I don’t do too much shopping around, because I am comfortable in that particular store, and it is less than half a mile from my house. The cost may be more or less in your area.

Your Smoothie May Be More Expensive

One huge variable affecting green smoothie affordability is possession of a blender. For my cost analysis, I assume that a blender is available.

Another thing that could make your green smoothie more expensive is organic produce. I buy my greens organic, but the bananas and frozen fruits are not organic. If you want to save a little money and buy non-organic, that’s up to you. Remember, non-organic produce is better than coca cola and corn syrup. Do what you have to do!

Healthy and Delicious!
Healthy and Delicious!

Tips for Making Your Smoothies More Affordable

  • Buy in bulk
  • Visit your local farmers market for cheap produce
  • Buy non-perishable ingredients like Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Cinnamon, etc. from
  • Prepare green smoothies in advance in bulk. This will help prevent spoiling of the ingredients, because if you feel like drinking a smoothie, it will be ready; you won’t procrastinate and let your greens spoil.

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