Flat Belly Exercises

Trying to Flatten your Belly?

Despite what you may read elsewere, getting a sexy flat stomach like this requires hard work.
Despite what you may read elsewhere, getting a sexy flat stomach like this requires hard work.

Have you tried every under the sun to flatten your belly, only to see all of your efforts go to waste? If so, don’t get down on yourself. Many others, including myself, have been in the same position. Through my own experience and the experience of others, I have put together a few tips about flat belly exercises that really work. These exercises may be different than what you would expect to get a flat stomach, but I can assure you that if you follow them, your belly will be as flat as you want it to be.

Before I actually delve into the flat belly exercises, I want to issue a word of caution; this is not easy. I don’t care what you’ve seen or read in magazines or online – there is no “easy” way to get six pack abs or a flat stomach. While the actual concept behind the work is simple, doing the work is far from easy. It takes great effort and determination. If you came here looking to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, or turn an XXL belly into a six pack in two weeks with just 20 minutes a day, you are in the wrong place. If you came here with a positive attitude, some motivation, and a willingness to succeed, then you will do just fine 🙂 .

Losing the Fat On Your Stomach

Exercises that target your stomach will not help you lose fat on your stomach. See the bold lettering there? There’s a reason it’s bold; I want to EMPHASIZE that doing exercises like stomach crunches, leg lifts, reverse crunches, etc. will not “burn the fat” off of your stomach. Those exercises will help you get a nice looking six pack, or toned flat belly, but nobody will be able to see it if your sexy stomach muscle is covered by a layer of fat. The only type of exercise that will help you actually lose the fat off of your stomach is cardiovascular exercise.

When you do cardiovascular exercise, your body uses its fat reserves for energy. Unfortunately, which fat your body decides to use is not something you can control. It’s programmed into your DNA. Generally though, the fat that you burn comes off in the reverse order that it was put on. For example, when I gain weight, my butt and thigh area tend to get big first, followed by my stomach and face. When I lose the weight, it comes off of my face first, then my stomach, and finally my butt and thighs.

The following flat belly exercises are great for getting your body to burn fat around your belly, as well as anywhere else that it may be stored:

Racquetball is a great flat belly exercise. It also helps alleviate stress.
Racquetball is a great flat belly exercise. It also helps alleviate stress.
  • Play a sport that you enjoy: My personal favorite way to burn calories is by playing sports. My favorite sports for cardio exercise are racquetball and soccer. Racquetball is great because it involves a lot of short burst change of direction, and can be played at a very high intensity. A high intensity game of racquetball burns through calories at a rate of about 1000/hour, which is obviously very beneficial for getting a flat belly. Besides the calories burned, swinging the racquet and contorting your body requires a great deal of balance and core strength. Not only are you getting a great cardio workout, but you are strengthening and toning your belly.

Tip: If you don’t have a racquetball court in your area, but want to try it out:. Almost any school or playground will have an area where you could hit a few balls against the wall.

Going for a run can be relaxing, and help you burn off some of that fat around your belly.
  • Running: An exercise that anyone can do at almost any time in almost any place, is running. All you need is two working legs and a place to run. Running burns a lot of calories, as well as toning all different areas of the body. It is an amazing exercise performed by the entire body. The arms and legs are in unison, and the torso is working to keep the body upright and moving forward. There are virtually limitless variations of running that can be performed at well. A jog in a local park on a warm day can be incredibly relaxing, as well as rewarding. My personal favorite flat belly exercises are high intensity bursts of speed, with low speed rest in between. I have a hill in my backyard that is perfect for this. It’s obviously outside too, which is a great bonus during the spring and summer.

Tip: If you don’t like to run, or have limited space, there are other exercises you can do to get your heart rate going. With no equipment and very little space, you can use your own body weight as an exercise tool. Try doing some jumping jacks or jumping rope. You’ll be surprised how heavy you’ll be breathing in just a short amount of time.

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  1. You gave some really nice and useful advice here. There is only one thing that I would also emphasize. That is our eating habits. For a sixpack what you eat is ~90% of the end result.

    You can run like crazy, play tennis all day, etc. BUT, if when you finish you go home and eat an entire pig.. well.. that`s how you will look like. 🙂

    For now, I am experimenting the raw food diet with incredibly great results. I feel and look much better.