Chamomile Tea Acne Treatments to Try for Healthier Skin

The wonderful chamomile flower could be a major contributor to your fight against acne.
The wonderful chamomile flower could be a major contributor to your fight against acne.

One of the most delicious and uniquely flavored drinks around is chamomile tea. However, it is not its taste that has made it popular, but its value as a natural treatment. It has been known to cure various body ailments as well as relieve tension and nervousness. Hence, it has been used widely as a natural cure for anxiety disorders. Yet there is still one benefit that can be derived from this wonderful herbal tea and that is as an acne medication. Chamomile tea acne treatment is one of the best ways of erasing away acne and other skin blemishes such as blackheads and scars, without using pharmaceutical medications that are known for their side effects.

Chamomile has been used originally by the Egyptians as herbal medicine, and people are still getting benefits from the herb until today. A tea made from chamomile is not as bitter and sweet compared to other kinds of teas. It does not contain caffeine and is very good for people with sleeping disorders. The tea can be taken anytime of the year but it is particularly good on those days when you are feeling ill. Chamomile tea can be bought from many stores packed in individual tea bags. If you have a large sized teapot though, tea pouches and packages would be more appropriate. A higher-grade product would include chamomile flowers, leaves and some stems.

An Introduction to the Chamomile Plant

The chamomile plant is a native of Egypt that belongs to the daisy family. The herb got its name when a botanist found it growing in a Roman Coliseum back in the nineteenth century. Also called camomile, it has white rayed blossoms and apple scented foliage. Because of the various health benefits that have been credited to the plant, chamomile is considered as one of the best botanical medicines in the world. The number of ailments it can cure range from healing of acne to sleep and anxiety disorders treatment. However, even before chamomile was recognized in the western world, the Egyptians already knew about its huge benefits, thus it formed an integral component of their civilization.

Chamomile tea can be used to fight acne topically as a spot treatment, or internally for stress reduction and relaxation
Chamomile tea can be used to fight acne topically as a spot treatment, or internally for stress reduction and relaxation

Cumulative Effect of Chamomile

When you use chamomile tea against acne and other health problems, bear in mind that the effect of a chamomile treatment is cumulative. Although you will get the benefits of the herb as soon as you take it, its effects would be greater if you use it regularly and for a longer period. With the right dosage, regular use of chamomile has no side effects, making it perfectly safe to take for long periods of time. In addition, regular consumption of chamomile tea can help prevent certain conditions from occurring and treat other existing disorders before they become worse.

Chamomile Tea Acne Treatment

Pimples are very annoying. They grow unannounced, are very pesky and just plain ugly. A bad case of acne can leave your face scarred for life so treating the disorder as early as possible and with the best kind of treatment is the best option. There are many topical preparations against acne that are available in pharmaceutical stores but you could just be wasting your money on them, since they do not work on all skin types. What is more, some preparations may actually worsen the condition. The best way to treat and prevent acne is to use something natural and that you may already have at home, which is chamomile tea. Here are three ways of using chamomile to treat acne without using medication.

1. To reduce the redness of your pimples, chill a chamomile tea bag and press it lightly against the pimple.

2. Instead of using soap and water, use chamomile tea. It relaxes the skin as well as cleans it thoroughly.

3. To reduce the effect of acne scars, rub chamomile tea on the marks. Chamomile has a lightening effect, which reduces the visibility of marks left after acne flare-ups.

You can enhance the whitening power of chamomile by adding a dash of lemon juice. Lemon has been used as an astringent because of it is a natural bleaching and skin toning ability. Chamomile on the other hand contains bisabolol, which has a substantial lightening effect on the skin.

Drinking tea has always been associated with purifying and skin healing because of its antioxidant properties. Chamomile tea along with red tea has been found to be particularly therapeutic when it comes to reducing acne, acne scars, blackheads and whiteheads. Chamomile has also been found to be effective in stopping acne, especially if used as an essential oil because of its powerful healing properties. Drinking two to three cups of chamomile tea each day will have your skin thanking you for it. To boost its effectiveness, you can add lemon and honey, which are both considered highly beneficial for skin health.

Aside from its use to treat acne, chamomile is known for other health benefits as well. Aside from being an effective acne treatment, the herb is also an effective treatment for intestinal disorders. Taking chamomile tea has been found to activate the anti bacterial activity of the body. Thus, the immune system is boosted, thereby increasing your ability to fight off various ailments. In addition, people with sinus infections and respiratory ailments can benefit much from drinking chamomile tea regularly. Combine it with other herbs such as lemon grass and peppermint and you will have an effective natural therapy against stress, frayed nerves and digestive disorders as well. So drink your chamomile tea today!

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