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My name is Greg, and I am the owner of HeavyOnHealth.com.  I’m just a regular guy, trying to make a living in this crazy world.

Having experienced several health issues of my own, I realize that the internet can be a great resource for an ailing person.  The ability to log on and connect to millions of other people who may share the same affliction is comforting.

During my times of need, I am grateful that there were people who were available to share their experiences, and help me through mine.

HeavyOnHealth is my way of giving back.  I am relatively young, but I do have experiences with several ailments.  I believe that sharing my experiences of these ailments can be beneficial for some people.  If I help just one person, then it will be worth it.  Hell, I like doing this, so I’ve already helped myself!  Mission accomplished!

Besides being able to share information about ailments, I have several years of schooling in fitness and nutrition.  Fitness and nutrition are a big part of my life, and I accomplish this without much effort.  I believe a nutritious diet, and a reasonable fitness routine are achievable by almost anyone.  Establishing a lifestyle that includes eating well and being active has many benefits, and those benefits don’t stop at the waistline.  When the body is taken care of properly, positive mental effects often take place as well.  Depressed and anxious persons can start having fun again.  A person with low self esteem can turn into a confident, capable being.  ”Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”.

For many people, a good diet and some daily exercise is enough.  For me, this hasn’t been the case.  I have also introduced mental exercises into my daily routine.  Some people ask “How do you find the time to do all that?”.  I tell them “If I can’t find time for myself, then something is wrong”.  I enjoy meditating, doing relaxation exercises, or just plain relaxing.  I have also taken part in cognitive behavioral therapy.  All of these mental exercises have significantly increased my quality of life.  I am calmer, happier, and more confident since starting my healthy mind routine.

Integrating health into your daily routine can be challenging.  If you’re like me though, you like a good challenge.  I love seeking out new ways to become healthy and happy, and doing it efficiently.  For example, my Saturday mornings are my favorite mornings right now.  I wake up and eat an egg-in-a-frame, which I wash down with a green smoothie.  This takes all of 10 minutes to prepare, and maybe another 5 minutes to eat.  I then drive over to my local fitness club and take part in a Yoga class.  So not only do I eat a healthy breakfast, I get some great exercise and a calm mind while doing Yoga!

I hope as you browse HeavyOnHealth, you find something that interests you.  If there is anything that you have a question about, or would like to comment on, you can use the comments box at the end of each page, or contact me via email.  I love hearing from my visitors, so don’t be shy!

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