Flat Belly Exercises

Trying to Flatten your Belly?

Despite what you may read elsewere, getting a sexy flat stomach like this requires hard work.
Despite what you may read elsewhere, getting a sexy flat stomach like this requires hard work.

Have you tried every under the sun to flatten your belly, only to see all of your efforts go to waste? If so, don’t get down on yourself. Many others, including myself, have been in the same position. Through my own experience and the experience of others, I have put together a few tips about flat belly exercises that really work. These exercises may be different than what you would expect to get a flat stomach, but I can assure you that if you follow them, your belly will be as flat as you want it to be.

Before I actually delve into the flat belly exercises, I want to issue a word of caution; this is not easy. I don’t care what you’ve seen or read in magazines or online – there is no “easy” way to get six pack abs or a flat stomach. While the actual concept behind the work is simple, doing the work is far from easy. It takes great effort and determination. If you came here looking to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, or turn an XXL belly into a six pack in two weeks with just 20 minutes a day, you are in the wrong place. If you came here with a positive attitude, some motivation, and a willingness to succeed, then you will do just fine 🙂 .

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